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The Team

The Dual Up Consulting team includes Lead Consultants  that, side by side, with the Advising Consultants, evaluate your business project, diagnosing problems and intervention needs, in order to enhance the implementation and growth in the market. A 100% flexible team and with the guarantee of establishing the best professionals in each area of intervention, make the Dual Up Consulting team their great asset!

Lead Consultants

This is the right professional to be, side by side, with the entrepreneur, in order to evaluate their business. Whether creating a sustainable business model, or surveying an organization’s problems and needs, the Lead Consultant analyses all business processes, as well as the efficiency of the projects presented. As a result, the diagnosis will be the starting point for a plan of innovative procedures, helping the Management Team to take decisions. Learn more &gt ;

Advising Consultants

Side by side with the Lead Consultant, the Advising Consultants, specialists in the core areas of managing a business, are impartial figures with a view outside the organization, testing all the benefits and drawbacks of ideas, projects and actions.

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