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Strategic Marketing

How to be better than the competition?

How to communicate and sell my products/services?

Strategic marketing, incorporated into the functions inherent to Marketing Advisory, is the moment when all the internal and external analysis of the company is carried out.

Marketing & Strategy


A company’s strategy and the definition of the key points for the development of its activity is fundamental in the scope of the company’s management, in the medium and long term.

Strategic marketing is the area responsible for defining all actions to be carried out, from the point of view of strategy, so that the sale and promotion of a product or service to the market is possible. It is the guidelines defined in strategic marketing that outline the way the company will act.

A análise de várias atividades garante aos profissionais envolvidos no marketing estratégico, fundamentar as ações a realizar, para alcançar o sucesso na produção, distribuição e promoção, diminuindo riscos e incertezas.

  • Market Studies

    Market studies allow for the diagnosis of aspects related to the surrounding market, competition, and potential customers.

  • SWOT Analysis

    In SWOT analysis, the internal and external context of a company is analyzed. Thus, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats of the contextual market in which it operates, are analyzed.

  • BCG Matrix

    The development of a BCG matrix in strategic marketing is the activity that aims to complete an analysis table with the company’s business areas, according to their performance, in terms of the growth and market share it currently has

  • Segmentation

    The division of the market into small segments is also included in the definition of the marketing strategy and which will give rise to the next activity, related to targeting.

  • Targeting

    The division of the market into segments allows the definition of target audiences for the product or service to be launched, and which will be taken into account in the promotion and sales strategy.

  • Positioning

    Positioning concerns the activity of defining the image that the company intends to be perceived by its potential customers.

  • Marketing-Mix Strategy

    Already influencing the operational area, the marketing mix in the marketing strategy will determine the starting point for the product/service, pricing, distribution and promotion strategy.

Strategic marketing, for what?

Your company must know what to do, how to do it and how to distance itself from your competition, differentiating and allowing you to reach an attractive and profitable market segment.

Strategic marketing is a key activity when launching a product or service, but it should be subject to periodic updates and revisions, keeping its current and usefulness.

In short, a Strategic Marketing Plan will allow the company to become aware of its reference market, competition, as well as the competitive advantages of the solution presented to the market, thus managing to leverage its assets and try to minimize weaknesses.

The Strategic Marketing Plan is the base document for the work of operational marketing, which aims to put the focused points into action.

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico