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Comunication & Advertising

Does your company communicate accurately?
Do your customers correctly understand your products/services?

Communication plays a fundamental role in the commercial success of any company. The way your company communicates is one critical point of brand management.

Communication Management


Communication and Advertising Dual Up’s Marketing Advisory takes part in all communication that is carried out outside the company.

Thus, in addition to Branding, it is necessary that all communication and advertising elements communicate with “one voice”, bringing a consolidated image of the company to the market.
It is in communication that the tone of speech that the company will adopt in its means of dissemination is created, following these guidelines in advertising.

Performance Areas in Communication

All communication elements and internal and external elements must respect the rules defined in design and convey the company’s values.
Communication and advertising in accordance with the defined strategies will enhance the company’s visibility in the market and will work towards providing inherent value to the company.

In terms of communication and advertising, the Marketing Consultancy carries out support and definition work in various areas of intervention, such as:

Dual Up Consulting Communication Consultancy

Creating a specialized communication department in small and medium-sized companies is often a high financial burden, which, usually, ends up not being developed at all.
However, Dual Up Consulting allows you to have, continuously, an office specialized in Marketing Advisory, in its various areas of intervention, for a monthly fee, constituting, thus, optimization of resources.

With this Marketing Advisory service for the Communication and Advertising area, you will ensure all creativity in the most diverse dissemination elements, since you will have at your company’s disposal a team with extensive experience in defining creative content that encompasses strong messages, unforgettable and solidified, using images that convey all the values inherent to the brand and company.

And all this in a logic of optimizing human and financial resources, which the acquisition of the Marketing Advisory service allows, as well as all the flexibility, that hiring human resources for the company is impossible to equal.

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico