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Do you want to build a solid and uncopiable brand?
Make your product/service the leading brand in its segment!

Branding is another of the Marketing Advisory’s intervention areas. But how can we understand the concept of Branding, and how is it useful for small and medium-sized companies?

Why Brand Management?


In Branding, actions are defined to develop a “good name”. Logo, slogan, signature and visual identity, aim to represent the entire essence of a brand or new line of products and services, in the market in which it operates.

Branding has as its starting point the target audience to be reached and the objectives and values that a brand intends to promote, and it is through the intervention of Brand Management in the Marketing Advisory that a brand gains notoriety among consumers.

Brand Objectives - Goals of a Brand

Branding or Brand Management relates to all processes and actions linked to the attribution of verbal and visual attributes of a brand, which make it distinct from all others, and perceptible to the target consumer.
The entire identity system of a brand will go through branding which will define the way the communication elements will be expressed to make the consumer be attracted by the brand, and by the values that it conveys.

All these goals aim to achieve an increase in the monetary value of the brand (brand equity) and which will be a supporting factor to the company’s value in the market.

Dual Up Consulting Branding Performance

If you want to create a brand new image for your company or re-brand your company, Dual Up Consulting will be at your side to develop a vibrant, energetic brand that will be unforgettable for your potential customers.

  • Branding Plan

    Using the Integrated Branding Model, we will create a brand planning and development strategy that will be the basis for the management and activation of the brand in the market.

  • Re-Branding Projects

    Redirection of the image and values ​​to be transmitted by the brand after it has already been launched on the market. Several times, the re-branding process allows the company to stimulate its success and recovery, through branding re-positioning.

  • Corporate Identity Development

    Support in the creation of all communication elements of the company/product among all its target audiences.

  • Logo Definition

    Development of conceptual models for communicating values ​​in the main communication element of your brand, the logo.

  • Design Monitoring

    Support provided to companies with creative production agencies at the level of stationary, brand standards manuals, print tests, or other activities related to intermediation and problem-solving.

Branding work is fundamental for any company and must be carried out or supported by Marketing, Advertising, and Communication Design professionals, who are specially qualified to develop strong, cohesive brands, in line with the company’s strategical objectives for the target market.

Branding influences actions aimed at consumers but also within the company, in order to convey, with all truthfulness and genuineness, the intended image for their employees.

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico