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Strategic consulting

Is your business still and losing money?
Do you want to change the course of your company?

The Strategic Consulting projects are intended, in this way, to assist the administration or management teams in strategic moments and for that they need to be equipped with the best professionals in each field, through specialized consultants.

Company's Strategic Vision


The Strategic Consulting development process involves a careful analysis of the entire problem raised, in order to define all the necessary answers. For this, the consultants allocated to each project use means such as studies and benchmark.

Strategic Consulting may influence business decisions, at different moments in the evolution of an organization:

Within a company, there are key decision points that influence the way the business is developed, as well as the products and services that are presented to the market. Whether issues related to the acquisition of suppliers, means available for the expansion of the company in certain markets, mechanisms to enhance the company’s productivity and profitability or ways to reach a new market niche, these are some of the points where a management team internal may need support in specialized solutions, developed by teams of consultants, so that decision-making is, unequivocally, the best option available.

In this way, entrepreneurs expect from specialized consultants a quick and effective response, in the way they implement actions with tangible results and sustainable competitive advantages. Consultants will allow you to quickly reach the best management solutions, leveraging best practices and strengthening the company’s strongest points.

Strategic Consulting Methodology

The methodology developed by consultants in a Strategic Plan involves:

  1. Diagnosis of Consulting needs and issues to be resolved;
  2. Involvement in the organization, in order to understand the company’s reality;
  3. Planning strategies and objectives to be met;
  4. Outline of actions to be implemented;
  5. Monitoring of the Strategic Consulting project.

It is up to the team of consultants, allocated to each project, to develop a diagnostic plan that allows for the diagnosis of problems arising from each phase. Strategic Consulting has, therefore, as its essential objective to promote the best options for action, so that the company can obtain interesting solutions, at a business level, either by defining the type of approach to the market, differentiation and innovation strategy or strategy market niche.

This Management Consulting, developed by consultants with many years of experience and specialized know-how, will allow obtaining the confidence and resources necessary for the strategic actions to produce, in the medium and long term, the expected results. Thus, the team of consultants that develop a Strategic Consulting Project will be versatile, flexible and will be able, through the analysis of the company and its context, to become fully aware of the reality, in order to obtain the best solutions for the questions raised.

Dual Up Consulting Strategic Consulting Tools

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico