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Marketing Management

At Dual Up Consulting, we transform our team of markeeters into your company’s marketing department, through Marketing Consulting.
Small and medium companies need creativity, good ideas and motivated teams to develop differentiating ways of working the product or service in the market, but they need maximum cost optimization.

With solutions aimed at a marketing culture, Dual Up Consulting’s Marketing Advisory will have at its disposal a team of specialists in the most diverse areas of Marketing intervention, with all the flexibility of resources.

Areas of intervention Marketing Consulting

Marketing culture within reach of SMEs

The marketing for your company will be, thus, worked in the most diverse aspects, so that your company presents differentiating and innovative solutions, both in terms of product or service, price, distribution and promotion channels.

To this end, and after an exhaustive diagnosis of the marketing needs that your company needs at the moment, the marketing consultancy will establish a plan for the implementation of actions aimed at enhancing the strengths they have to present to the market. The marketing consulting will be responsible for all tasks relating to the definition of strategies and action plans, through the various axes of intervention in this area.

In this way, we can guarantee that all Marketing axes will be developing, in unison, through Marketing Consulting, a strategy designed and focused on their organizational goals.

Thus, in Marketing Consulting, encompassed by Marketing Consulting, we will develop the first steps for the realignment of your Marketing strategy, through an audit of what is currently carried out in your company and after the initial diagnosis, the team of Dual Up Consulting’s Marketing Consultancy will analyze the existing tools and make the value proposition for the implementation of new instruments that could enhance this field.

The initial diagnosis carried out in the Marketing Consultancy will be followed by the development of a Strategic Marketing Plan, with all the guidelines for the development of the company’s activities in this field.

The surrounding market, SWOT Analysis, definition of objectives and intended results, as well as the company’s sales and dissemination strategy are points that will be unveiled in this Strategic Plan, which will be the responsibility of the team involved in Marketing Consulting.

Still within the intervention plan of the Marketing Consultancy, developed at the Marketing Consultancy, these strategies may include the development of branding or re-branding projects that will include the development of the corporate image or its reformulation, design elements and other actions aimed at the brand identity.
This will be linked to the last field of ​​intervention of Marketing Consulting, relating to communication and advertising, which will ensure that all elements of the company communicate the values ​​and ideals they intend to transmit, through Design, brochures, Newsletters…

Since the Web and the digital area have assumed a fundamental aspect in the Marketing strategy of companies, we also have a Marketing Consultancy specializing in Digital Marketing, which will allow your company to present integrated solutions to the market, which communicate “ only one voice”!
Thus, Dual Up Consulting intervenes in your 360º Marketing, with integrated Marketing Consulting solutions, whose primary objective is to convey a solid image of your company, by defining the best strategies and developing, the adoption of the best resources and means !

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