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Internationalization of Companies

Does the national market not allow you to sell?
Is your company stuck in a crisis?
Do you feel that the international market is a good option for your company?

Internationalizing is one of the key points of the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN). Support for internationalization is one of the types of projects included in the Qualification Incentive System for small and medium-sized companies, in which exporting is centered as the main mechanism for SMEs.

Internacionalizar a sua empresa !


Currently, the internationalization of companies is fundamental to a company’s growth strategy. In this context, means were created to support these initiatives, aiming at the internationalization of the economy and export incentives. The presentation of projects in this field of Qualification and Internationalization of small and medium-sized companies, be carried out individually or in cooperation.

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Internationalization is a key factor for the Portuguese business in this current context.

It is increasingly a strategy to ensure the competitiveness and expansion of a company, through corporate internationalization strategies. Internationalizing to grow is a fundamental issue for Portuguese companies. Exporting is the preferred mechanism, through the expansion of the sale of products and services to international markets.

Exporting, the means commonly used in the company’s internationalization, has the following competitive advantages:

  • Increase in the life cycle of a product or service and break seasonality;
  • Increase in commercial margin;
  • Exploitation of new business opportunities existing in market niches;
  • Advancement in the product/service/process value chain;
  • Increased productivity and competitiveness, boosted by the entry of new international players in the market in which the company traditionally operates.

An internationalization process can take on different modalities, which may correspond to different moments of implementation in the market that is intended to be addressed:

  • Occasional export – where the company intends to export its products and services without periodicity and at previously defined times;


    Export through a commercial branch – the products and services to be exported will be marketed through the opening, in the destination country, of a company;


    Productive implementation that replaces, in whole or in part, the export flow;

  • Export through an agent – the products or services to be exported will be subject to local development, through authorized agents;

Incentives & Support for Internationalization

National and European entities encourage, through the launch of several programs to encourage the internationalization of Portuguese companies. Support for investment in this area aims to enhance these opportunities, particularly in terms of exports.

The launch of measures provided for in the QREN that aim at internationalization, as well as the launch of the simplex export, are examples of this national effort to stimulate the Portuguese business fabric, through the inherent advantages of exporting and developing internationalization plans.


The QREN Internationalization Incentive System aims to counteract the trend of the national business market to adopt measures to export, after requests from external suppliers, without a consolidated strategy of prospecting and approach to the international market.

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Prospecting international markets & customers

However, the entrepreneur should keep in mind that the process of exporting or internationalizing a company is a complex process that requires, in addition to financial support, a consolidated strategy and in-depth knowledge of the market in which the trade and export.

Only in this way will it be possible to build effective strategies to this global scenario, achieving competitiveness in such a broad market.

When defining internationalization strategies, the method of entry into a market or the choice of countries must take into account constraints related to the different contexts of this country, both at an economic and social level, as well as logistical issues and legal conditions in force in a given country.

This prior analysis will constitute a key success factor when exporting.

One of the possibilities could be the direct intermediation of an export agent, enabling your product to be faster and easier to access international markets.

Access our section for prospecting international markets.

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico