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Quer seja num contexto inicial de criação de nova empresa, como expansão da mesma para mercados internacionais ou introdução de novos produtos e serviços, recorrer a incentivos e apoios ao investimento é o foco do empresário, de forma a garantir a viabilidade financeira do projeto.

Which incentive is best for your company?

In Portugal there are several incentives and support programs for companies. The QREN– Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional 2007-2013 aims to give incentives and support investments of new companies and expansion of companies to the global market. Through its programs like COMPETE it is encouraged the qualification of the business community, the qualification of the portuguese manufacturing base and support to companies through vectores like Innovation , I & DT and incentives to entrepreneurship, that will allow the renovation of the business model.

In an achievement perspective of the global market, the project application, with the aim to get support and incentives in a innovation, investigation and development degree, which should be combined with the knowledge of the countries to enter, through the development of internalization plan with the aim to adapt strategically to political, economic and social contexts.

The help in the prospection of the international market, contact intermediation and creating relationships with potential local suppliers and distributors in the country in question are part of the mechanisms that Dual Up Consulting Offers while supporting companies.

Main Incentives

This way, according to the project’s context to be presented, Dual Up Consulting will be responsible for the support in the development of tools that helps business projects applications, with the aim to get supports and incentives about:

Supports and Incentives to business projects are tools of great importance to get the needed investment and execution of the plans of a businessman.

Invest in your business and ability to expand to global markets, motivated by the support and guidance of Dual Up Consulting, with the certainty and solidity that the support to companies help with projects entering in the market, making them a reality!

Work Methodology

These objectives will have the effect of defining indicators and goals to be achieved by the organization.

The analysis of all the incentives and supports available depend on the investment context and the goals established. Dual Up’s work methodology in the incentive and support to companies field is based on the next steps:

The support and incentives available allow the entrepreneur to receive the investments needed for the development of his projects, of entrance or market expansion. Through the companies support the  ideias if well structured and sustainable become a reality!

However, using investment incentives and support requires a deep knowledge about every measure, of the way to make an application to get support for companies more relevant for the project. This is where Dual Up Consulting acts, working with the entrepreneur from start to finish.

By trying to know the best incentives and supports available to the project promoter, he gets the chance to optimize his resources in the search for incentives and supports and access to the analysis of specialized consultants that will make the entrepreneur use the best tools for his project. Support to companies allows total security in the best paths to follow, relating to available incentives.

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