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Idea Checker

Have you ever thought about testing your idea?
What aspects could be reinforced in the business model to be implemented?

It’s not enough to have an idea. But this is the basis of an entire business. The idea checker creates opportunities to present this idea to panels of consultants with extensive experience in the field, so that through the inputs made by them, the result is a business idea more suited to the market and consolidated, through the strengthening of its weak points.

How is the Idea Checker method developed?

  1. Prior analysis of the business idea and the intervention field, to define the qualified specialist who will analyze the idea.
  2. Appointment of a meeting with an expert or panel of experts that will develop a critical analysis of the idea’s doability.
  3. Presentation of the idea, through the pitch method.
  4. Expert appraisal of the project from the point of view of alternative strategies and paths to be followed.
  5. Monitoring the restructuring and adaptation of the business idea.

In the early stage plan phase, in which the financing mechanisms to create a company are based, in large part, on venture capital and business angels, a consolidated idea will be able to guarantee the acquisition of the investment necessary to carry out the projects.

At Dual Up Consulting we believe in the power of ideas!
Through the Idea Checker, it’s possible to analyze whether the idea fulfills a market need, whether it is interesting and viable and whether the business model will be the most suitable, through critical analysis by specialists in the field.

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