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Business Recovery

The recovery of companies encompasses all aspects inherent to the restructuring of a business, when the company’s liabilities start to be higher than the assets.
There, the risks of defaulting on their obligations start to be high, hence the need to redefine strategies and seek incentives for the recovery of companies. There are several mechanisms for restructuring and recovery of companies that must be analyzed by the entrepreneur, so that the decisions made are the best solutions for the future of making the business viable.

Business Recovery Intervention Fields

Business Recovery Intervention Fields

Dual Up Consulting, through its panels of management consultants specialized in the recovery of companies, is alongside the internal management team, to adapt the action measures, in order to allow a progressive, sustained and doable recovery.

The preparation of a complete and in-depth diagnosis of the company is the starting point for the definition of a company’s restructuring plan, aimed at recovering the company, so that financially, and through the reversal of critical situations of lack of liquidity, increased payment capacity, reduced credit risk or reduced financial costs, it is possible to stabilize costs versus income.

Insolvency is an inherent risk to all companies, and being able to adapt action measures as soon as possible minimizes the risk of failure in the business recovery process. It’s necessary to establish a period for redirecting the business, as well as developing goals aimed at sustainability.

After the initial diagnosis, Dual Up Consulting will analyze the action mechanisms adequate to the reality and activity of the target company, in order to be able to adopt measures available in national legislation, which allow the company to recover.
Both at the judicial and extra-judicial level and provided for in the insolvency and recovery code, revitalization operations of companies can be triggered so that the company can structure itself.

Support for Business Recovery

Support for the recovery of companies are other tools of intervention in this field and that allow, through measures to encourage modernization and increase in competitiveness, the establishment of goals and paths towards business revitalization.
Stabilization of the company through the help of negotiating debts with creditors, exceptional conditions for payment of debts to Social Security, through installment payments, support for solutions that allow the modernization and revitalization of the business environment and flexibility solutions in the policy of dismissals and temporary suspensions of employment contracts, as well as the availability of salary guarantee funds are some of the means available to the company in the recovery process.

Furthermore, at national level, several measures have been introduced to support companies in this field, such as the most recent company recovery program – Programa de recuperação de empresas – Programa REVITALIZAR – aimed at the recovery of the Portuguese business fabric.

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