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If you are unemployed or looking for a 1st job but you have a business idea, the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training and the Social Security will help the creation of your company, through incentive programs and investment support that will finance part of the initial investment, or by receiving, in advance, unemployment benefits or facilitating access to bank credit lines on a subsidized basis.

Support for self-employment can be the target of two distinct programs:

Support for self-employment creation (PAECPE)


Under this measure of incentive and investment support, it is possible for beneficiaries of unemployment benefits to present a project that aims to create at least their full-time job, so that the payment, in whole or in part, of the total value of the unemployment benefits to which you are entitled.

Access to subsidized and guaranteed credit (Microinvest or Invest +) may also be added to this benefit.

The amount approved in the PAECPE project must be fully invested in its financing or in operations associated with it, such as the realization of share capital.

In addition to encouraging funding, all projects for the creation of new businesses and employment resulting from this measure benefit from technical support for its creation and consolidation.These supports are operated by a network of partners accredited by the IEFP, in this context. If the project is also included in the National Microcredit Program, the company will also be able to access entities of the Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social – CIRL.

The application for payment of the global amount of unemployment benefits must be addressed to the Director of the District Center of the Social Security Institute, I.P. the applicant’s area of residence and presented at the Job Centre. Along with the application, the project to create one’s own job must be presented, which can be delivered:

  • Employment Center- if there is no recourse to the PAECPE credit line;
  • CASES – if there is recourse to the MICROINVEST credit line;
  • Banking Institution  – if there is recourse to the PAEPCE credit line outside the National Microcredit Plan;

Support for business creation (Invest + and Microinvest)

Also, within the scope of the IEFP, there are other programs to support entrepreneurship and the creation of new small businesses.

These investment incentive and support programs have as main recipients registered at the Employment Center, they fit the following profiles:

The projects presented must have as objective the creation of a small-scale, profit-oriented company, which does not exceed 10 jobs and an investment of less than 200 thousand euros.

In addition, the promoters must, cumulatively, create the respective job full-time and possess at least 50% of the share capital and voting rights.

To know all the details inherent to these incentive and investment support systems, Dual Up Consulting will make available a team of specialists in this area, who will advise you on the best option for the operationalization of your project.

* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico

* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico