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At the level of the European Commission, one of the incentives and support for investment for R&D and Innovation projects is the FP7.
The FP7 is the Seventh Framework Program for Research and Technological Development, being the main investment instrument at the European level for research projects, and which has been in force since 2007, with its conclusion dated to 2013.

FP7 - International Incentives by Dual Up Consulting


Through FP7, companies will be actively encouraged to participate in all research actions, in particular those under the research themes of the Cooperation programme.
The program aims to facilitate optimal participation, mainly of “research performing companies” through means such as simplified funding and administrative procedures and greater flexibility in choosing funding schemes.

This program aims to reinforce the capacity for innovation, especially for companies with medium/low technological level, from the perspective of contributing to the development of products based on new technologies and markets.
The FP7 was also designed to respond to European employment needs and its competitiveness, focusing on research in selected priority areas, in order to maintain the European Union as a world leader in the supported sectors.

FP7 Axes of Action

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This program focuses on supporting research in international cooperation projects across the European Union and other countries. This will promote the progress of knowledge and technology, with research being supported and strengthened, so that Europe responds efficiently to challenges in the social, economic, industrial and public health areas.

  • Saúde
  • Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology
  • Information and Telecommunications Technologies
  • Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies
  • Energy
  • Environment (including climate change)
  • Transport (including aeronautics)
  • Socioeconomic Sciences and Human Sciences
  • Safety
  • Space

The second axis of the FP7 program on “Ideas” will cover activities to be implemented by the European Research Council (ERC). It will develop cutting-edge research at a European level, stimulating the dynamism, creativity, and excellence of this type of research.

  • Actions in cutting-edge research.

Focused on the human component, the “People” program offers the opportunity for an international career in the field of research. In this way, it will be possible to assign the best professionals in research areas to the European market, enhancing excellence in this sector. Based on the positive experiences of the “Marie Curie Actions” it encourages the option for the researcher profession and mobility in this sector.

  • Initial training of researchers – Marie Curie networks.
  • Continuing education and career advancement – ​​individual grants.
  • Opening of paths and partnerships between Industry and Universities.
  • International dimension – exchange of scholarship holders, international cooperation schemes, reintegration grants.
  • Excellence Awards.

The “CAPABILITIES” program seeks to optimize the use and development of research infrastructures. The program aims to support regional research clusters, as well as stimulating research potential in the European Union’s convergence and outermost regions.

  • Research infrastructures.
  • Research for the benefit of SMEs.
  • Regions of knowledge.
  • Potential of knowledge.
  • Research potential.
  • Science in Society.
  • Support the coherent development of research policies.
  • Specific international cooperation activities.
The European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) has adapted an independent Framework program for research and training activities in the nuclear area.
  • Fusion energy – ITER.
  • Nuclear fission and radiation protection.

This investment support and incentive program has a total budget of more than 50 billion euros for European R&D projects, and the specific COOPERATION program involves the highest investment value (32 million euros)

Taxas Elegíveis

The principle of incentive and investment support by the FP7 program is co-financing, with grants being awarded to projects, in order to contribute a percentage of the total costs.

Maximum reimbursement rates for eligible expenses:

Note: 80% of funding is provided by the European Commission at the start of the project.

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico