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PME Factor

The PME Factor is another of the available financing instruments, in terms of incentives and investment support, which small and medium-sized companies can access, with the aim of stimulating their competitive capacity.

Promoted by the Portuguese Industrial Association / Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AIP-CCI), this strategic financing project falls within the scope of the Incentive System for Qualification and Internationalization of SMEs, of the Competitiveness Factors Operational Program.

The PME Factor develops its support in the field of the digital economy and information and communication technologies and intends, in this way, to achieve an increase in the technological environment, the optimization of management processes and the qualification of human resources, as the main goals to be achieved.

Eligible Projects

Business investment projects can apply to Factor PME, in the following areas:

These 5 investment vectors allow the targeted companies to restructure and modernize their processes and mechanisms, providing them with new skills and knowledge, so that they can present themselves to the (internal and external) markets that are more competitive.

Eligible Investments

Investments eligible for this measure fall into 5 investment pillars, which have to offer companies:

Efficiency is currently on the agenda of every company. It is necessary that companies are, increasingly, more efficient, through procedural reorganization, optimization of sales force and channels, strategic and digital marketing.

Integrated management systems automate redundant activities and quickly adapt companies to new business requirements.

Professionals with greater technical skills, more efficient and up-to-date, make it possible to meet the needs of a market in constant change.

Websites, portals or virtual stores are currently essential tools in companies, given their ability to transform how negotiations and business processes take place. Through these means it is possible to optimize processes and transactions, increase employee productivity and strengthen relationships with customers and partners.

Communications currently allow information and communication to be in real time, at the distance of a click. Mobility allows access to resources from any location and on any platform (mobile, laptop or tablet.)

At the moment, the period for submitting applications is closed. However, new tenders may be opened, resulting from an increase in financial allocations. Thus, a company should be aware of this support and incentive to investment.

Dual Up Consulting will be available to provide any clarification on this measure, through its team of specialists in incentives and support, who will advise the best option for the operationalization of your project.

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico