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The EUREKA Program is one of the incentives and investment support programs available at the European level and aims to stimulate the industry’s productivity and competitiveness, through cooperation between companies that produce new products and services, Research and Development institutions and Universities.

EUREKA - International Incentives by Dual Up Consulting


The recognized EUREKA label adds value to a project and gives participants a competitive edge in their dealings with financial, technical, and commercial partners.

This measure integrates the 39 European Countries and the European Commission, as well as Associated Countries, with high technological and scientific potential, offering the partners of this project the sharing of knowledge, skills and know-how.

Types of Eureka Projects

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In this context, projects involving participants from at least two Member States are supported, with the aim of developing an innovative product, process or service, aimed at the international market.

Some of the projects under the EUREKA program are grouped in thematic networks, called “Umbrellas”.

EUREKA-Eurostars Projects

Similar to the EUREKA programme, EUREKA-Eurostars is distinguished by the fact that projects are mandatorily led by SMEs with recognized activity in R&D.

This is the result of a collaboration between the European Commission and the EUREKA initiative. The program aims to support SMEs, with R&D activities, stimulating collaboration between international and national projects.

These projects must be exclusively for civil purposes.

Cluster Projects

The projects included in the Cluster program are a long-term initiative for the development of new technologies, involving several entities, namely, the largest European companies that, together with SMEs, research institutions and universities, share the risks and benefits of innovation.

With the aim of developing new technologies, the aim of the Cluster projects is to maintain Europe’s leading position in the world innovation market.

Each cluster created has strategic domains that guide its activity, and whose objectives are achieved through several individual projects.

The accessibility or creation of a cluster is available to any group of companies or research institutions, and is subject to analysis.


eureka-sealTo unequivocally identify the EUREKA projects, the EUREKA seal was created, which allows giving international visibility and notoriety to the initiatives supported in this area. This is the public recognition of the development of a technologically innovative product, service or process aimed at the global market.

Applying for a EUREKA incentive

A service or process using advanced technologies, involving 2 or more Member States, can be analyzed within the scope of the EUREKA project, requiring the presentation of the following elements:

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico