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Do you need capital for your business?
Do you have the idea, but no investors?

The financing process is the key point for the creation or expansion of a business project. Financing is, therefore, a way to obtain the necessary resources to leverage the business idea and can be operationalized through the personal means available for financing.

Financing your company


Unlike a loan, in which there is complete freedom to use the amount borrowed, here (funding) it must respect the purposes agreed in the contract.

The financing of a company, for its creation or expansion, may be carried out through equity capital or capital held by the company.

It is within the scope of financing by capital outside the company that Dual Up Consulting supports your company in reaching external sources of funding and that constitute a better, more constructive solution for your project.

Venture capital

Inserted in the Financing by Capitals outside society, a Venture Capital, allows small and medium-sized companies to achieve their start-up, expansion, modernization, innovation and internationalization projects, providing the financial means for this.

Participation in the company is held on a temporary basis, and operated through capital increases, loans, supplementary payments or other financial instruments.

 Business Angels

Some investors and entrepreneurs are betting, individually, on companies in order to provide financial means for the realization of innovative business projects, or with growth potential. These investors are called Business Angels external to the company, this type of financing is seen from the perspective of acquiring assets in the medium term, with the participation of Business Angels in the companies being held on a temporary basis.

Incentives & Support

There are several programs to support entrepreneurship promoted by the Portuguese State and also internationally. The development of an innovative project that promotes job creation or promotes the internationalization of the economy are examples of suitable programs in terms of business creation.


Another instrument available for business financing, and one of the most used until recently, is the use of banks, in order to finance, through short or medium term loans, business projects, in their start-up or growth.

Support funding sources

  Capitais alheios de curto prazo (prazo inferior a 1 ano)Short-term debt capital (term less than 1 year)

  • Supplier Credit;
  • Promissory note discount;
  • Bank Overdraft;
  • Checking or Escrow Accounts;
  • Short-term bank loans;
  • Factoring;
Capitais alheios de médio e longo prazo (prazos superiores a 1 ano)Medium and long-term debt capital (terms greater than 1 year)
  • Bank Loans;
  • Leasing;
  • Bond Loans;
  • Venture Capital

Any of the means available for financing requires a specialized analysis, so that a company, under construction or operation, can choose the most viable and beneficial solution for its sustainability.

Turnkey Project

Dual Up Consulting works in partnership with the entrepreneur/entrepreneur from the moment of validation of the business idea, through the definition of the business plan to the delivery of funding sources, so that the entrepreneur/entrepreneur only has to focus on what better know, your business!

* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico

* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico