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Marketing Consultancy

Do you know how to produce, but don’t know how to get the product to market?
Qual a melhor estratégia de entrada no mercado?
What is the best go-to-market strategy?

How will my company benefit from support and advice in this area? 

A company needs Marketing to understand its market, how it will present itself to its target audience and through what channels it will be able to conquer and retain its customers.

Virtual Marketing Assistant


With this service, we intend to support small and medium-sized companies by removing all the weight of fixed costs in the marketing area, which are sometimes very difficult to measure their direct return.

With the Virtual Marketing Assistant, the company always has a marketing professional available, who is the necessary support for the main guidelines, defining the means to be used and the strategic line of all areas of intervention. Keep the same focus of work in marketing, invest the same, but reduce fixed costs.

Focus on what is most important to you in your business!

An agile choice of the right tools in Marketing is the strategic starting point for the success of a product or service. Thus, the Marketing Consultancy allows the study of all these factors, in order to add value to a brand, through its correct strategic positioning in the market.

Aimed at small and medium-sized companies, the Marketing Advisory Service provides specialized services in the area, enabling access to qualified professionals in the area, without assuming employment bonds.

The Marketing Advisory is the facilitating element of a set of actions that, according to the entire functional structure, outline action vectors that allow achieving the defined objectives. Thus, it is up to this area:

  • Understand consumer habits and their influences;
  • Study the context surrounding the company;
  • Implement information flows and research systems;
  • Analyze competition;
  • Set goals and work results-oriented;
  • Find market opportunities as well as new market segments and niches;
  • Establish promotion and communication actions;
  • Control budgets.

Areas of Intervention Marketing Dual Up Consulting

Working Method​

In our Marketing Consultancy work, the Marketing Audit is the base element for surveying the company’s needs (incorporated or already existing), in order to carry out the initial diagnosis, complemented with the analysis of all the marketing tools that are currently triggered.

Through this Diagnosis, it is possible for the team responsible for the Marketing Consultancy to outline an Action Plan aimed at proposing new tools to be implemented, as well as necessary changes to the current mechanisms, to enhance the success of marketing in the organization.

The correct application of a consolidated marketing strategy allows the creation of a market-oriented business that is strategically positioned against the competition, in perfect harmony with the target audience.


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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico