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Feasibility Studies

Will your project be profitable? Does your project have a Plan B?
Who will support your project?

In addition to the Business Plan that allows the presentation of a business in a cohesive and attractive way, another instrument for analyzing an investment, when the entrepreneur creates the company, is the Feasibility Study.

This management tool allows, through the study of various economic and financial vectors, to measure the profitability of a project at the time of its creation, as well as its estimated evolution in subsequent years.

Dual Up Consulting Feasibility Studies


Complementing the Business Plan, a key element for structuring a business model, when creating a company, or at the time of its expansion, the Feasibility Study allows the creation of alternative scenarios, in order to be studied accurately , the positive and negative impacts of a given strategy on future investment.

This analysis will be a key factor for decision making, and for a concrete evaluation of the competitive advantages when creating a company.


The feasibility study will provide a realistic and credible view of the fundamental question in creating or expanding a business: Is the project viable?

The development of possible scenarios will give a clear perspective of the risks inherent to the investment, as well as a security and guarantee in it, allowing to minimize the weaknesses, through the strengthening of the strengths.

Essentials of a Feasibility Study

Thus, the necessary analysis of the feasibility of a new business or project will answer fundamental questions that must be addressed, both when creating a company or deciding to expand it (through new products or services):

  • Where am I?

An Economic and Financial Feasibility Study should take into account all the company’s external and internal factors, as well as its main skills and weaknesses, in the face of the market and the competition. This study of the entity will allow, through analysis mechanisms such as SWOT Analysis, to clearly perceive in which market the company will operate, and how internal and external constraints affect the viability of a project at the time of creating a company. This first question will be closely linked to the next question, related to “Where do I want to go?”

  • Where do I want to go?

A detailed analysis of the environment surrounding the company or project to be implemented will allow the definition of cohesive strategic objectives in line with the investment to be considered.

  • How to get there?

It will be essential to analyze, in the same way, the necessary resources, instruments and policies to be adopted, as well as costs versus income, in order to demonstrate the success in achieving the proposed objectives.

A Feasibility Study developed by a consulting team, in support of the Entrepreneur, at the time of creating a company, also focuses on another important point to make the idea presented viable, by defining the investment needs and working capital for the execution of the proposed objectives.

The survey of these needs will result in the analysis of potential means of financing, with investors, incentive systems, Venture Capitals / Business Angels.

Why a Feasibility Study?

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