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Create a Company

Do you have a business idea for starting a business?
Have you studied the feasibility of your project?
Do you know the market you are going to operate in and are you aware of the competition before creating the business?

How to start a company?

This is one of the first questions an entrepreneur asks after having a business idea!
The first step to develop your entrepreneurial project and take the first steps in creating your company.

After answering these initial questions, doubts and processes begin to appear, in order to make your idea a reality.

How to start your business?


When opening a company and becoming aware of the procedures to be carried out to set up said company, the Entrepreneur is confronted with multiple information, so it’s vital that the entrepreneur has the support and correct guidance to test and consolidate their intentions:

The process of setting up a company is one of the biggest challenges anyone can face. The hypercompetitiveness of the markets and the current situation make any business (small or large) a challenge to your perseverance and capacity!

Dual Up Consulting supports entrepreneurs with services ranging from the debate and monitoring of the formulation of an idea, through the creation of a business plan, attracting investment through incentives, business angels, or venture capital, to monitoring the development of the business in its most critical phases.

Some procedures to create a company:

Required Elements

If the partners of the company to be incorporated are natural persons, they must be accompanied, at the time of creation of the company, by:

  • Taxpayer Card;
  • Identification document (ID, citizen card, passport, driving license or residence permit);
  • Social Security beneficiary card (optional)
  • In the case of legal persons, the following documents must be presented at the time of the creation of the company:
  • Company or legal person card or access code to said cards;
  • Minutes of the General Meeting that confers powers for the incorporation of a company.
  • Choose one of the pre-approved companies (via online consultation or at the company’s on-the-spot service desk) or have previously approved a name with the RNCP.
  • Choose the type of pre-approved social pact to adopt.
  • Go to a service desk to start setting up a company.
  • The commercial registration and agreement of the company will be carried out at the counter.
  • After incorporation, the documents relating to the created company are immediately available (certificate of the articles of association, access code to the Permanent Certificate of Commercial Registration, access code to the company’s electronic card, company social number).
  • You must indicate the designated Chartered Accountant, or choose from an available TOC’s Bag, for the purpose of the dematerialized delivery of the Declaration of Start of Activity. Alternatively, you can deliver this documentation, duly completed and signed by the Chartered Accountant, within 15 days of the company’s creation date.
  • Up to 5 days after the creation of the company and incorporation of the company, the value of the share capital must be deposited in an account opened in the name of the company, or delivered to the company’s coffers, by the end of the first year of the year.

Types of Society

When opening a company, the entrepreneur will have to choose to fit into one of the existing types of society, for the creation of companies.

  • Sociedade Unipessoal.
  • Sociedade por Quotas.
  • Sociedade Anónima.

Costs for Business Creation

Through “Empresa na Hora

  • 360€ (in the case of the creation of Technological Development or Research companies the cost is €300)

Immediately, and only by going to a branch, it is possible to deal with all aspects inherent to the constitution and creation of a company.

All over Portugal there are several counters “Empresa na Hora” available.

Through “
Empresa Online

  • 180€ (with a pre-approved social pact at the time of the company’s creation) or €120 in the case of IT, research and development activities;
  • 380€ (social pact drawn up by interested parties) or 320€ in the case of IT, research and development activities;
  • Stamp duty = 0.4% of Share Capital.


Through the company’s online service, the creation of a company is allowed only through the Internet. In this way, all procedures will be carried out online.


However, to create an online company, you need to authenticate yourself, through a Digital Certificate, in order to guarantee all the security, reliability and privacy of the information provided. Thus, the service is commonly provided by Lawyers, Solicitors and Notaries. To obtain this certificate, you must have a Citizen’s Card and do not need to send attached documentation, in addition to the Social Pact.

Reasons to choose Dual Up Consulting

* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico

* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico