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The CIP – Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. This European Union Competitiveness and Innovation Framework program started in 2007 and will end in 2013, with a budget of around 3.621 million euros, and it is an incentive and support for investment at a European level with a special focus on innovation, information, and energy technologies.

CIP - International Incentives by Dual Up Consulting


The CIP aims to be a tool to contribute to the competitiveness and innovation potential of the European Community, having established the following objectives:

CIP Programs

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The axis of the EIP program subsists in helping all innovation in small and medium-sized companies, through:

  • Access to CIP financial instruments, which support investments in technological development, innovation and eco-innovation, technology transfer and internationalization.
  • Enterprise Europe Network – stimulating the development of free support services for small and medium-sized companies, so that they become more competitive.
  • Stimulus for an innovation policy and support for a transaction network of different actors in innovative processes and innovative companies, stimulating the exchange of best practices.
  • Support for Eco-innovation, with the objective of supporting innovative projects that intend to respond to market needs, through the more efficient use of our natural resources.
  • Raising awareness of certain industrial sectors about innovation policies, through lectures and conferences, in order to enhance cooperation between the various member states.

This ICT Policy Support Program (ICT PSP – Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Program) has as its main objective to stimulate the sustainable development of a competitive, innovative and inclusive society. This program is open to all companies in the European space and Associates of the Framework ICT program.

The themes and amounts available for financing projects in this area are approved annually, which can be consulted on the official website of the CIP Program Framework.

The European Union has set ambitious targets for safe and clean energy for the future. An effective tool optimization is necessary to achieve these expected results. The use of technologies and methods for better energy efficiency makes renewable energy viable means of reducing emissions.

However, market conditions do not allow the full use of existing potential. This is where Intelligent Energy Europe intends to act. In this way the IEE program aims to give a boost to sustainable and clean solutions across Europe.

Supported projects come to help:

  • Promote energy efficiency and encourage responsible use of energy sources;
  • Boost the use of new renewable energies, as well as energy diversification;
  • Encourage the use, in the transport sector, of efficient energy.

The Future

This European Union Competitiveness and Innovation Framework program has a useful life until the year 2013.

The European Union has already released some updates to the CIP incentives for the years 2014-2020. Currently Dual Up Consulting is evaluating the support and respective eligibility.

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico