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Career Manager

What to do with excess employees?
How can I make my employees more flexible?

A career manager allows professionals a specialized follow-up in their professional evolution and recovery, defining possible aspects of additional training, as well as tailoring specific training to the profile of each employee of a company.

The Career Expectation Manager


Career management makes it possible, through the adequacy of profiles and functions, for the business success of a business, ensuring that the skills of each professional are maximized. Companies are people, so the correct management of careers will manage to reduce, to a minimum, the number of professional failures and dismissals.

With continuous monitoring that aims to expand and maximize the skills and qualifications of each of the professionals, as well as redirect careers, in order to adapt the company’s needs to the professionals, and allow companies to recover in difficulty.

Career management accompanied by professionals in the area, therefore, intends to provide support in every step of a professional activity, developing the fundamental contributions to the employee’s success in the role in which he/she is inserted in the company in which he/she operates.

The adequacy of professional profiles, as well as the survey of possible fields for complementing or adapting to the necessary functions, resulting from a company recovery process, are two important moments to use the Career Manager.

The career manager will be responsible for planning all training needs, developing and motivating employees, and thus avoiding dismissals.
A correct adaptation of human resources will drive companies to recover, making it possible to maximize all available resources.

Together with the Human Resources team, the Career Manager will work to enhance people’s talent, either individually or together, so that a cohesive team is formed within a business organization.

Career Management System

The hiring of this service aims to formulate a Career Management System, both in an adaptation phase that will be developed following the methodology:

Work methodology

Using various Human Resources Management tools such as the description and analysis of functions and a performance evaluation system, it will have an impact on the efficiency of production processes and increase the quality of work, through the processes of organizational change and professional recovery.
The delineation of profiles, requirements and competences allows the construction of a professional map, which can define different moments of career evolution.

This methodology aims to:

  • Adapt the expectations of employees to the possibilities of professional development within the company;
  • Ensure flexibility and mobility within the company, in order to avoid layoffs;
  • Encourage the professional development of employees.
  • In the recovery phase of companies, it allows to determine the necessary profiles and skills, in order to enhance the professional recovery of employees.

The analysis and career structuring plan is synonymous with developing and updating the potential of employees, thus finding success formulas for a better fit between the necessary functions and the qualification of each employee, who can, in this way, meet to organizational goals.

Dual Up Consulting believes in people !

Adapting a company’s human potential is an effective way of managing skills and developing them in each department, aiming to achieve business goals and avoiding layoffs.

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico