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Business Recovery

Is your company in trouble?
Do you feel that your company has lost its direction?
Do you need support to AVOID insolvency?

Troubled companies can easily be perceived when their liabilities are greater than their assets.
Thus, when this scenario becomes a reality in the daily life of a company, it is necessary to start to outline ways to recover the company, through the restructuring of the business and activity, in order to save the company and make it viable.

Business Recovery

But how to recover a company?

Recovering companies is possible through various instruments available to companies, namely, through restructuring support for companies in financial difficulties.
When a company starts a process of decline, it is important for the entrepreneur to foresee scenarios, and to capture a work team that will be able to analyze the business and suggest alternative paths for future sustainability, in order to avoid dismissals and bankruptcy of the company.

Business Management & Recovery Mechanisms

Some of the main management mechanisms that will allow the assessment of the company’s current situation and definition of strategies are:

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The full awareness that insolvency is a natural risk for any company is important for the entrepreneur to be equipped with analysis mechanisms and action plans aimed at achieving alternative ways of survival of the business.
Both through judicial and extrajudicial means, there are several methods that allow the recovery of companies in financial difficulties, and the Recovery Plan is provided for in the Code of Insolvency and Company Recovery.

What does it mean to resort to insolvency?

When the company finds itself in a complex financial situation, it can resort to insolvency.
By resorting to this mechanism, all outstanding payments are suspended for a period of time, in order to allow the company a period to recover and restructure the business.

  • Insolvency via extrajudicial: The recourse to extrajudicial means can be carried out, if the company complies with the procedures imposed by the entity that manages the support.
  • Insolvency via judicial process: In the case of companies undergoing judicial reorganization, the Insolvency Plan is presented to creditors, who must approve the respective plan at the Meeting. It is the creditors who will carry out the analysis, debate and reformulation proposals, with a view to a plan consistent with the activity in question. In this type of insolvency, it is always up to the creditors to make a decision for the business, which may be accompanied by the entrepreneur.

Plano de Recuperação Empresas Dual Up Consulting

A Dual Up Consulting apoia a sua empresa no processo de recuperação empresarial, avaliando o estado atual da sua empresa através de um estudo aprofundado e na definição de novos objetivos empresariais. Alguns dos meios disponíveis para a empresa em processo de recuperação visam:

Stabilization of the company through the help of negotiating debts with creditors, exceptional conditions for payment of debts to Social Security, through installment payments, support for solutions that allow the modernization and revitalization of the business environment and flexibility solutions in the policy of dismissals and temporary suspensions of employment contracts, as well as the availability of salary guarantee funds, are some of the means available to the company in the recovery process.

Furthermore, at national level, several measures have been introduced to support companies in this area, such as the most recent company recovery program – Programa REVITALIZAR – aimed at the recovery of the Portuguese business fabric.

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico