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Portugal 2030, PRR, Horizon Europe or just: Grants

Recently, much has been heard about Portugal 2030, the Recovery and Resilience Plan or, albeit sporadically, about Horizon Europe and the Thousands of Millions of Euros that coming to Portugal to support companies and help recovering national economic activity.

The question that arises with the same frequency is how to access these grants? How does an SME manage to get these grants and boost its economic activity or even internationalize the company or just improve its exports?

There is a lot of scattered and confusing news and information. When a manager tries to find a way to finance his company or project, he finds a lot of information and a lot of promises but has a hard time knowing where to begin.

This is where Dual Up can make a real difference. We analyze the company, the project and the plans that the company has for its growth and work to find the support lines that best suit and, with the company’s management team, we prepare the grants application to be submitted.

But this is just a small part of the process. Having an application submitted and approved does not imply that the company will get the grant. In most cases, these work by cashback. Meaning that the company makes the expense, presents the evidence and gets the grant. This process, although apparently straightforward, is not always so, implying that all the rules are complex and disaggregated and require that the documentation and investments comply with them. With a consultant that supports the companies’ every step, this bureaucratic nightmare becomes just another project to be managed.

With experience, we have verified that the regular monitoring by a team of consultants makes all the difference in the execution of the project and helps that it is executed in its entirety assuring that the whole grant is paid to the company.

Do you have a company or project that you would like to apply for a grant? Talk to us.