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David vs. Goliath Guerrilla Marketing

When we are a small company, we always look with great fear at any movement by large companies, which with their large budgets always potentially have a greater presence in the market in terms of brand awareness, greater economies of scale, chain stores, etc. . As managers of these companies, we sometimes have the idea that all it takes is for a large company to “wake up in a bad mood” for our business future to be in jeopardy. So what to do when this move comes up? Do we take defeat and close the doors? Are we going to compete for specialization? Are we looking to partner with the big brands?

What to do?

The possibilities are immense, and we can quickly imagine various guerrilla marketing strategies that aim to take advantage of any and all flaws/weaknesses of large companies. A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research and points to a curious conclusion of a potential guerrilla marketing action that small businesses can easily take advantage of. marketing-guerrilha-dualup This study was carried out trying to identify if the ultimate fight of “David against Goliath” has an impact on the consumer’s mind when choosing to purchase a product/service. What are the practical effects of competing with a large company in our market (local or global) and comparing it with a competitive environment with brands of the same dimension were explored. Researchers conducted studies in various industries from ice cream parlors, beer brands, bookstores where the guerrilla marketing strategy of these companies reportedly assumed that they “are fighting” against an adversary much bigger than themselves. After several pieces of test communication carried out by the researchers, the impact on the results of the companies that verified positive impacts in more and better testimonials from customers, increased purchases made and also increased mentions of purchase intention in the near future were evaluated. In short, this study proves that the use of the “David vs. Goliath” strategy in communicating with consumers has favorable practical effects for small businesses, resulting in a greater feeling of proximity to the small business and also in their purchasing actions. This time, what are you waiting for to identify your biggest competitor in your sector and start this guerrilla tactic?