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Digital Marketing Strategy – How important is it?

The question about “What is the importance of the digital marketing strategy?” may seem redundant and of obvious answer, however along the observations we have made at national level it makes us often wonder whether companies are considering digital as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy.
I’m sure the reader at this point can already remember several cases in which he navigated through websites, Facebook page or any other digital marketing support in which he felt frustrated and got the feeling “What is it for then this?”.
When we find this feeling, it is the perfect sign that we are facing a poor solution that was not thought of before, and therefore the company should not contemplate a digital marketing plan which contains all the potential needs of users of websites or other digital elements.
This empirical knowledge aligns with observations made by Forrester and also by Hubspot. Both agencies report recently that they have found a lot of evidence that reports to failed digital experiences, and that we can summarize it in the following points:

The answer to the question “How important is the digital marketing strategy”

The answer is obvious, the common sense of any manager or entrepreneur indicates that this question is almost “academic” and that nothing useful augurs in the daily search for a competitive advantage over the competition. So how can such basic mistakes and failures be made? How is it that companies have not yet realized that the only element of marketing that has been growing uninterruptedly for 10 years is the Internet and that with this we are in a phase of hyper-competition in which it is not enough to have an online “brochure” for an average (if that!) usage experience? If your own empirical knowledge is not enough for you, if Forrester’s studies do not convince you, check out what already exists we talk about Digital Companies and their maturity. It is scientifically proven that a company with greater digital maturity presents, on average, better results in sales and business results.