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Happy Companies

A survey by the Wharton School of Business indicates that good moods lead to better decision-making processes and are more prone to risk and provide a more transparent climate. companies-happy -dualupconsultants

WANTED: Good Humor!

But how can business leaders achieve a good mood throughout the organization in the first place?
It is well known the proverb that “one cannot please Greeks and Trojans”; and it is not always possible to achieve a global stimulus of good mood and acceptance of general decisions.

You won’t be able to keep your employees happy if you keep them in the same job for a long time. Job rotation generates better knowledge of the company and greater job satisfaction. Comfort and comfort zones create feelings of weariness and depression;

There is a strong relationship between happiness and the feeling that the work done has a purpose, a meaning, a meaning. Having an impact on your environment is one of the factors that generate happiness in the workplace;

Recognition of the work of each one of us makes the workplace a much more productive and happier environment! When work recognition policies are in place, and praise and recognition of good performance are made, individual people feel better fitted and happier. (plus the added factor of encouraging healthy competition, so that another member of your team is the next one to be recognized);
Try to emphasize an integration between work and personal life, not a balance. This statement may seem wrong, but employees who manage to integrate their personal life into their work (and vice versa) manage to feel better about their work and happier.