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David vs. Goliath Guerrilla Marketing

When we are a small company, we always look with great fear at any movement by large companies, which with their large budgets always potentially have a greater presence in the market in terms of brand awareness, greater economies of scale, chain stores, etc. . As managers of these companies, we sometimes have the idea […]

Digital Marketing Strategy – How important is it?

The question about “What is the importance of the digital marketing strategy?” may seem redundant and of obvious answer, however along the observations we have made at national level it makes us often wonder whether companies are considering digital as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. I’m sure the reader at this point can already […]

Digital Companies

Currently, we find several companies within the business that call themselves “digital companies” or “companies with digital maturity”  as an element of differentiation between their peers. Most of the time these digital companies are nothing more than organizations with a website that allows little/no interaction with its users. But what does it mean to be a […]