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Horizonte 2020 – Incentivo

Should I compete for Horizon 2020, SME Instrument? We have been approached very often by companies that intend to compete for the Horizon 2020, the  system of incentives to companies, and more specifically the new instrument aimed at SMEs. Within this Instrument we have different areas of incentives from the Sea (Blue Growth), Eco-Innovation and Raw […]

August, the eye of the hurricane: 5 Tips for taking advantage of the truce

Suddenly everything stops, the phone stops ringing so regularly, the email seems to have broken down and even the pressure to deliver proposals for yesterday has disappeared. Until the end of July, there was an immeasurable pressure with the need to leave projects closed or on the way, proposals were asked for in September, projects […]

Increase your sales!

One of the main anxiety factors of all managers is thinking about how to increase your company’s sales. This sensitive topic causes many hours in meetings with sales teams where all points are debated, from the color of the tie that was worn to the result of the club the day before. Recently Wharton University of […]

Happy Companies

A survey by the Wharton School of Business indicates that good moods lead to better decision-making processes and are more prone to risk and provide a more transparent climate. WANTED: Good Humor! But how can business leaders achieve a good mood throughout the organization in the first place? It is well known the proverb that “one cannot please Greeks and […]

The Compulsive Shopper

When I came across this news, I was hit by an epiphany! So it’s not that although I’m not a doctor, I just diagnosed Dr. Isabel dos Santos with compulsive shopper syndrome? Thinking carefully about this theme, I find that a film has even been made where I believe Isabel dos Santos will have supported herself […]

The new QREN 2014/2020

The reindustrialization of the country is a subject that has been talked about for some time as one of the factors that may help to mitigate the economic and financial crisis that we are currently experiencing. The new “El Dorado” Most of the time the word “reindustrialize” appears full of vague ideas, devoid of strategy and objective […]