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The Compulsive Shopper

When I came across this news, I was hit by an epiphany! So it’s not that although I’m not a doctor, I just diagnosed Dr. Isabel dos Santos with compulsive shopper syndrome?
Thinking carefully about this theme, I find that a film has even been made where I believe Isabel dos Santos will have supported herself for her purchase performance (if you want see the trailer here).
The story rests on the same pillars:
Movie Script Life of Isabel dos Santos
Compulsive shopper syndrome Verify! (Sonangol, BIC, BPI, GALP, ZON, …)
The money “falls from the trees” Verify! In this case the money must fall out of the “father’s pocket”
Recognition from the business world Verify! When I see the great Portuguese entrepreneurs putting themselves in “sense” and when this is a newsworthy subject on the Forbes homepage, then we are facing a success story!
A real experience to see the trailer and imagine the case of Isabel dos Santos. I almost bet that the events were just like what is reported in the movie! We could continue to report more equivalences between the film and the real life of Dr. Isabel dos Santos, but there will be no need because this post will always be out of date, don’t go public with another purchase made. As things stand, I’m still seeing it as the country’s next financing engine, once the IMF dumps us.

The serious part

IsabeldosSantos-dualupForbes, as the prestigious magazine that it is, should have an obligation to bring something more to the public! Not just reporting what the newspapers in Portugal all do! The note in the last paragraph of the article, which we hope will all be investigated:
“This does not respond to the specifics of the origin of Isabel dos Santos’ fortune, but it does provide a useful context. FORBES aims to deepen this issue.”
Even Americans are “curious” about this lady’s business model.