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Taguspark Partnership

Dual Up has partnered with Taguspark  with the aim of support companies that are installed to obtain financing through the various existing incentive programs. If you

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Increase your sales!

One of the main anxiety factors of all managers is thinking about how to increase your company’s sales. This sensitive topic causes many hours in meetings

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Digital Companies

Currently, we find several companies within the business that call themselves “digital companies” or “companies with digital maturity”  as an element of differentiation between their peers.

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Support for Hiring Workers

It was approved last January 18th at Ordinance n. 432/2012 which provides an incentive to job creation. This incentive will be regulated by the IEFP and IAPMEI,

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Happy Companies

A survey by the Wharton School of Business indicates that good moods lead to better decision-making processes and are more prone to risk and provide a more transparent climate.

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