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Entrepreneurship Voucher

The first step of an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurship Voucher was created specifically thinking about the needs of start-ups, and their initial non-repayable financing.
The incentive can go up to a maximum of €15,000, and the eligible expenses of this incentive fall primarily in the following areas:

Applying for this incentive may allow the start-up to benefit from specialized support by Dual Up Consulting, thus enabling access to other incentive systems with a much higher scale of support and financing.

Entrepreneurship Voucher Update for 2015

In the area of ​​entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship vouchers allow the financing of projects for the acquisition of consultancy services, which are essential for starting a business, namely the preparation of business plans.

In the case of the entrepreneurship voucher, applications take the form of an individual project that follows a simplified regime, specifically regarding selection criteria and decision deadlines.

Eligibility Criteria for Entrepreneurship Voucher 2015

Eligible Expenses

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* Este site respeita o novo acordo ortográfico