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Incentives / Investment Support

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New business projects are always aimed at investments that make it possible to operationalize the necessary investment and make the project a reality. To support entrepreneurs and companies in the execution and development of new ideas, products and services in the most persistent areas of intervention, there are a set of incentives for companies, which aim at tax benefits in the execution of these projects, as well as privileged access to accessible support and incentives through these means.

These supports and incentives to companies can be promoted at a national or international level.

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National Incentives

Focusing on the main initiatives at national level aimed at companies, currently being implemented, there are persuasive mechanisms for investment incentives, which aim to support companies in the process of creation, as well as incentives for companies in expansion.

National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN) 2007-2013, are incentives that aim to support the qualification of human potential in companies, through the valorization of knowledge, science, technology and innovation, as well as the promotion of high and sustained levels of sustained economic and social development,  socio-cultural and territorial qualification, thus establishing equal opportunities and efficiency of Public Institutions. The QREN incentives aim at the fulfillment of these designs, having as main support, structural funds and cohesion fund, through Operational Programs that fit in 3 great thematic operational Agendas, inserted in the QREN

  • Programa Operacional de Potencial Humano (POPH) – Promotion of school and professional qualifications at national level, as well as incentives for hiring and social inclusion, creating conditions for gender equality and full citizenship. This point of the QREN POPH aims to support Initial Qualification, adaptability and Lifelong learning, management and professional improvement, advanced training, support for entrepreneurship and transition to working life, through investment support and tax incentives for companies.
  • COMPETE – Operational Program for Competitiveness Factors – Stimulating the qualification of Portuguese companies, through Innovation, technological development and Incentives to Entrepreneurship are the objectives of this operational program inserted in the QREN. Financial support and incentives have the main intervention vectors as stimulating the production of knowledge and technological development, support and incentives for innovation and renewal of the business model, financial engineering instruments for financing and sharing risk in innovation, reducing public costs of context, stimulating the development of the information society, networks and infrastructures to support regional competitiveness and integrated actions of economic valorization in less competitive territories.
  • Territory Valorization– Providing the country and all its regions with better conditions of attractiveness at the industrial and population level, through infrastructure interventions and equipment essential to the qualification of territories, is another of the vectors of the QREN support and incentive programs. Valuing the Environment, incentives to Tourism, incentives to Rural Tourism and incentives to agriculture, are some of the areas of strengthening economic, social and territorial cohesion.


QREN applications can be made during various times of the year, submitting your application process to an incentive within the scope of your business project. To learn more about this incentive system for companies, visit our QREN section.

The Factor PME is an incentive system for strategic business financing, whose main objective is to enhance the competitiveness of Portuguese SMEs.

Being promoted by the Portuguese Industrial Association / Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AIP-CCI), it is part of a subsystem of Incentives for the Qualification and Internationalization of SMEs, by the COMPETE program, in the typology of a joint project with IAPMEI.

This program benefits Portuguese SMEs, focusing on investments that guarantee greater competitiveness, improved productivity and greater and better access to markets, especially with a focus on international ones.

This project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase in the technological environment
  • Optimization of management processes
  • Qualification of Human Resources


As a result of these objectives, the Factor PME project, investments for companies, are included in the following components:

  • Technological Infrastructures;
  • Integrated Management Systems;
  • Websites / Portals / Virtual Stores;
  • Consulting in Digital Marketing / Marketing / ICT;
  • Training in Digital Marketing / Marketing / ICT.


To learn more about this incentive system for companies, visit our Factor PME section.

Promoted by IAPMEI, the FINICIA program is an incentive and support platform for bank financing, on a subsidized basis, for the creation of new micro-companies or for the expansion of new activities in companies that have already been established.

The duration of the FINICIA program is continuous, and new project applications can be submitted for analysis at any time, within the scope of the FINICIA program, and which may be the target of support and incentives.

Finicia has three areas of intervention:

  • Finicia Eixo I – Projects with a strong Innovation component
  • Finicia Eixo II – Small-scale emerging businesses
  • Finicia Eixo III – Business initiatives of regional interest


To learn more about this system of incentives for companies, visit Finicia section.

In terms of incentives and support for the creation of new companies, and in the case of unemployed or young people looking for their first job, IEFP and Social Security provide support and incentives for the creation of their own jobs, through:

  • Support and incentives for the Creation of Own Employment by Beneficiaries of Unemployment Benefits (PAECPE), through early payment of unemployment benefits.
  • Invest + MicroInveste – Support for the Creation of Companies, through access to bank credit lines on a subsidized basis.


To learn more about this incentive system for companies, visit our IEFP section.

International Incentives

In addition to the national incentives, in which the QREN, Finicia and IEFP are the main entities that provide support to companies, also at the international level, applications are open to companies that are looking for incentives and supports for the creation or expansion phase.

At the level of the European Commission, another support for applications for incentives for R&D and Innovation projects is FP7. This is a support program for companies, designed to respond to European employment needs and their competitiveness, focusing on research in selected priority areas. FP7 has four lines of intervention: cooperation, ideas, people and capabilities.

To find out more about this incentive application, visit our FP7 section.


This is yet another support and incentive for investment at European level, stimulating the productivity and competitiveness of the industry, through cooperation between companies that produce new products and services, Research and Development institutions and Universities.
To find out more about this or other supports and incentives, visit our EUREKA section.

In terms of support and incentives for investment at the European level, another measure is the CIP – Competitiveness and Innovation Program. This Competitiveness and Innovation Framework program aims to be a tool to contribute to the competitiveness and innovation potential of the European Community, through incentives to companies, developed by specific programs.

To learn more about CIP and incentive applications, visit our CIP section.


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