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Areas of Activity - Dual Up Consulting


The Integrated Consulting services that Dual Up Consulting provides are set off in the most diverse areas of activity. Our consulting services adapt to the reality of each company, and the moment in which it finds itself (company creation, business expansion or business recovery).  This total flexibility allows dynamic solutions and in line with the business objectives that customers intend to achieve, in the following areas:

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The purpose of the Consultancy is to support entrepreneurs at all times of their business activity, so that they can, at the decisive moments, be sure of the actions to be carried out, to expand business or recover the company.

The main focus of Business Consulting, carried out by Management Consultants, is to elucidate, share experience and develop specialized functions, in areas where a company needs a quick implementation response.

Consulting allows companies to receive support in specialized areas, through the best professionals in those areas, by intervening and solving , in an objective, impartial manner, the problems that arise from the creation of a company, product or service launch, or even company recovery. Management consultants thus design solutions that are more appropriate to the reality of the company and intervene where the company needs the most, whether in terms of finance, strategy or marketing.

Company Creation

When creating a company, it is essential to know what steps to take for its establishment, as well as all the procedures to be respected and also how the modernization of services can facilitate and streamline all these processes. Through “Empresa Na Hora”, you will be able to create a company in a few hours, using only one location.

Investment Incentives and Support

Crucial when starting a project are the incentives for financing the project, so that it can be supported, through existing measures. Choosing the most appropriate support and incentive mechanisms is to ensure that the company has the means to develop its business idea, in complete safety.

FINICIA and National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN) are the most important support and incentive mechanisms at the national level. The QREN aims to qualify human potential through several operational programs that aim to stimulate the creation of new companies. With the QREN, innovation and internationalization of companies are another of the priorities mentioned for incentives. Investment in the QREN application may enhance the opportunities for your company to start exporting abroad, by supporting new projects in this area.

FINICIA is another national support and incentive, promoting, through 3 different axes, the creation of new companies, namely through support and investments in terms of business angels and venture capital.

Business Recovery

The recovery of companies is another area of expertise within the scope of support in specialized consultancy that Dual Up Consulting provides, through its management consultants, and this is assumed as a decisive point in the life cycle of a company. Most of the time, the process of recovering a company goes through insolvency or restructuring plans for all of its activities, so that its viability and future sustainability are possible, avoiding redundancies and bankruptcy proceedings.

Diagnosing key intervention points and establishing a solid Company Recovery Plan with the right action strategy will make the difference between a project aimed at survival, or a short and medium term bankruptcy.

In view of the sensitivity of these moments in the business environment, various supports and incentives have been launched in the direction of revitalization and recovery. Companies with attentive management teams will be able to define action plans in a timely manner, thus avoiding redundancies and consequent increases in unemployment rates.

Internationalization de Empresas

Expanding business to the global market, through the internationalization of the company is another key point in the decision-making processes of an organization. Internationalizing companies is a slow and complex process. Hence the importance of the performance and support of specialized consultancy, being an important investment, given the need, when internalizing companies and exporting products and services across borders, for an exhaustive study on the market contexts to be explored.

Thus, the Consultancy provides information of relevance to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, which allows support at various stages of a business. Creating a company, expanding a business or internationalization are key moments, in which all steps must be well analyzed.


Marketing Advisory

Marketing Advisory is another area of expertise targeted by Dual Up Consulting’s Consulting services, which allows companies to define their company’s strategy and marketing, through the various tools available for managing marketing, branding and communication and advertising. This strategy will be the guiding thread of all the communication and promotion activities of the company’s products and services. The vision, mission and values will be the starting point for defining a company’s strategy and marketing.

All additional clarifications can be made by contacting Dual Up Consulting, which with all the rigor, professionalism, and motivation to integrate into your business reality, will develop projects tailored to your needs, through the action of Management Consultants that have a wide experience in the market.

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